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Season 1 Episode 11 – Bree on the phone

Quick 5 second shot of Bree on the phone at the end of episode 11. The sweater is kind of a tie between red and orange. I guess it’s more like a coral shade. To keep things simple, I tagged it as both red and orange. Here with black pants and dark heels

Season 1 Episode 11 – First Date Dress

Looking stunning in a cherry red satin dress. It’s kind of a tie between red and pink, so I tagged it as both. The brooch really makes the outfit. Instead of a jacket, Bree opted for an off-white pashmina shawl.

Season 1 Episode 9 – Fierce in bright red

This is kind of a risky color for a redhead, but it totally works. Bree looks fierce in red and orange while plotting against Andrew lol Wearing a beige pencil skirt and brown heels (they finally shot a quick closeup of her shoes).

Season 1 Episode 7 – Bree in red at the book club

I can’t quite tell if the shirt she’s wearing under that red checkered sleeveless sweater is pink or white, but I love the combination.

Season 1 Episode 5 – Gardening in Red

We don’t see Bree often in a bright red outfit, so here you go. I think she must have a few hundreds of cardigans in her closet, and either the same amount of beige pants or just one that she wears over and over again lol ┬áIn any case, she looks classy as usual. I love the green touch with the gloves and the bag.