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Season 1 Episode 20 – Blue Calble Knit Sweater With White Detailing

Here’s another cable knit sweater with three quarter sleeves and white detailing at the neckline and cuffs. Paired with gray pants.

Season 1 Episode 18 – Full Outfit With Mint Green Cardigan

Here’s a nice clear shot of Bree’s full outfit. An eye catching mint green cardigan with a round neckline. Paired with dark blue trousers. I suspect these are the same pants we saw in episode 14.  And the green cardi reminds me of the sweater she wore in episode 16.

We’ve also seen the brown heels throughout season 1 so far.

Season 1 Episode 18 – Bree Goes Hippie

There’s something hippie-ish about this top that bothers me a bit. I don’t mind the pattern around the neckline, and the color is alright. It’s the cut and the sleeves … not the usual neat type. Her khakis save the day though. Imagine this top with stone washed jeans. The horror!

And one more apron to be added to her extensive collection …

Season 1 Episode 17 – Still in Purple in Andrew’s Room

Showing up in purple again in the next scene. This time with a particular style we have also seen previously, in blue, in episode 13. It also resembles a lot this purple number in episode 4 … which coincidentally also took place in Andrew’s bedroom.

PS: Is that Lost playing on the TV? lol

Season 1 Episode 17 – Another One Of Her Many Purple Sweaters

When taking a closer look at previous v-neck sweaters she’s worn throughout season 1 so far, I realized that this seems like the exact same sweater as worn in green in episode 5, and in blue in episode 12.

Here worn with her beloved beige pants, dark high heel boots, and one of her two pearl necklaces.

Season 1 Episode 14 – The Peach Blouse

Clean freak Bree handles her private business in a pair of dark grey pants an a peach colored button-up blouse.

Season 1 Episode 14 – Bree talks to Rex in blue argyle sweater

Looking impeccable in a baby blue Juicy Couture argyle sweater with brown detailing, matching brown leather shoes, and a pair of dark blue pants. It’s the very same sweater we saw in episode 6. The trademark pearl necklace makes a glorious comeback.

Season 1 Episode 14 – On Gabby’s porch in orange sweater

This sweater looks a lot like the pink / coral cardigan she wore in the previous episode: episode 13.  Same type of color, same round collar. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like she’s wearing beige pants with it (what else? lol).

Season 1 Episode 13 – At home in a comfy purple sweater

Simple outfit here. A nice pink sweater with her beloved beige pants and pearl necklace.

bree van de kamp desperate housewives pink cable knit sweater

bree van de kamp desperate housewives pink cable knit sweater

bree van de kamp desperate housewives pink cable knit sweater


Season 1 Episode 13 – Casual Bree in her kitchen

Another apron for our collection! Bree masters the polished casual look in this green sweater, beige pants and a touch of red with another unique flowery apron and funky gloves.