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Season 1 Episode 17 – Waking Up Andrew in Green

Emotional scene here, with a discreet and low key outfit. Rather neutral colors, with a pale green cardigan, a blueish top, and a beige pencil skirt. We’ve seen this skirt several times before. At the end of season 1, I will make a few posts to put together all the recurring clothing pieces and different combinations we’ve seen them with.

Season 1 Episode 17 – Bree’s Funeral Outfit

No one does funerals better than Bree Van De Kamp! Looking absolutely stunning in black and white at Mama Solis’s funeral, with a Victorian brooch to finish the look. The hat is quite fierce as well.

Season 1 Episode 16 – Formal Pink Ensemble

Quick final shot in episode 16. It was just a couple of seconds, so I was only able to catch one screen shot:

Season 1 Episode 16 – An Embarrassing Dinner in Dark Blue

Stunning evening dress here. It looks like some sort of satin. I usually hate orange, but I love the orange earrings here. Nice touch!

Season 1 Episode 15 – Yellow Strikes Again

I love this color, it’s so eye catching! And the brooch is perfect, as usual. This outfit reminds me a lot of the yellow bumble bee outfit we saw in episode 9.

Worn with a white cami and a beige pencil skirt.

Season 1 Episode 15 – Bree in Plum

Since purple looks fab on her, plum works just as well. I suspect this is the same top we saw in episode 7, except in a different color.


Season 1 Episode 14 – Bree’s heart necklace

We don’t often get a closeup of Bree’s jewelry. So here’s the timeless golden heart locket. Who doesn’t have one?

Wearing a V-neck purple sweater and a brown pencil skirt. The sweater is a bit similar to the one she wore in the previous episode. It also reminds me a little of her neighborhood watch sweater, in episode 5.

Season 1 Episode 13 – Chaperoning the Fairview High School party in pink

This was a brief scene, so I only have one shot of it. Looking like her usual self in a pink (although maybe slightly coral tint) round neck cardigan.

Season 1 Episode 12 – Bree teaches George how to fire a gun

It’s a casual outfit for Bree as she shows George how to use a gun. A plale blue V-neck sweater, a silk scarf, and a pair of beige pants with dark brown leather heels.

Season 1 Episode 12 – Casual Picnic Outfit

This is SUCH a cute cardigan! It’s got pearl buttons and everything. I love the pink roses pattern. Interesting combo with a dark purple skirt.