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Season 1 Episode 22 – Super Soft Looking Summer Outfit

This blue top looks soooo soft! Beautiful bow detail at the neckline. Worn with white cotton pants, which are pretty wide. And off white / cream colored shoes, from what I can tell.

Here playing minigolf with George the psycho.

Season 1 Episode 21 – Casual Pink 3/4 Sleeves Top

I have noticed something: Bree loves bows. They are usually small and neat (not the big clunky ones full of frills), but they are a recurring feature on her tops and sweaters. So here’s another little bow. This time on a very laid back, hot pink top, with three quarter sleeves and a V neck cut.

And on a more random note: today we also learned that Bree knows how to knit.

Season 1 Episode 17 – The Green Sweater Is Back

This is a short scene that mainly consists of a closeup, so we can’t see the whole outfit. Although we do get a glimpse of her pants, which are gray. The green sweater is the same we’ve seen in episode 13, also worn with the same pearls.

Season 1 Episode 17 – Another One Of Her Many Purple Sweaters

When taking a closer look at previous v-neck sweaters she’s worn throughout season 1 so far, I realized that this seems like the exact same sweater as worn in green in episode 5, and in blue in episode 12.

Here worn with her beloved beige pants, dark high heel boots, and one of her two pearl necklaces.

Season 1 Episode 17 – Comfy in Pink

I love how even a casual soft sweater looks super smart on her. Pale pink with red detailing at the collar. Nice color combination!

Season 1 Episode 14 – Bree talks to Rex in blue argyle sweater

Looking impeccable in a baby blue Juicy Couture argyle sweater with brown detailing, matching brown leather shoes, and a pair of dark blue pants. It’s the very same sweater we saw in episode 6. The trademark pearl necklace makes a glorious comeback.

Season 1 Episode 12 – Bree’s painting outfit

Did you know that Bree owns a pair of jeans? Me neither. But apparently she only finds them good enough to paint some flower pots lol And take a good look at her shoes, because I don’t think we’ll see her often running in sneakers.

I apologize about the closeup on her butt. I was hoping someone would recognize the label and tell me what brand it is.

Season 1 Episode 12 – Bree teaches George how to fire a gun

It’s a casual outfit for Bree as she shows George how to use a gun. A plale blue V-neck sweater, a silk scarf, and a pair of beige pants with dark brown leather heels.

Season 1 Episode 12 – Casual Picnic Outfit

This is SUCH a cute cardigan! It’s got pearl buttons and everything. I love the pink roses pattern. Interesting combo with a dark purple skirt.

Season 1 Episode 12 – Bree’s poker outfit

I’m sorry. I tried to cut out Lynette’s baby vomit covered shirt out of the picture, but there’s only so much I could crop. Bree is trying to focus on her cards like a lady.