Season 2 Episode 5 – Bree’s cemetery outfit (with a black neck tie sweater)

I seriously love those sweaters that have some sort of neck tie. I should probably make a collage of them by the end of this season. She seems to own them in every color!

So here she is, at the cemetery to visit Rex’s new burial spot. It’s a very low key all-black outfit. I’m surprised about her flat shoes. Maybe there was a practical reason for this. They look like frumpy slippers, or some sort of loafers. I’m not sure as we don’t get to see a clear shot of them. I actually would have loved to see Bree wearing more flat shoes throughout the series. Just not this particular style.

Bree Van De Kamp cemetery black neck tie sweater long sleeves pants red flowers Rex burial widow

Bree Van De Kamp cemetery black neck tie sweater long sleeves pants red flowers Rex burial widow

Bree Van De Kamp all black outfit neck tie sweater pants flat shoes loafers red flowers cemetery Rex funeral Desperate Housewives season 2 style fashion clothes

Bree Van De Kamp widow all black outfit cemetery graveyard neck tie sweater long sleeves red flowers widow mourning Desperate Housewives season 2 outfit style clothes fashion

Bree Van De Kamp cemetery all black outfit sweater long sleeved pants back view hair tied into bun  widow Rex's funeral burial

Bree Van De Kamp back view cemetery outfit all black sweater pants hair in a bun hairstyle Desperate Housewives season 2 fashion style clothes Rex's burial funeral angry scene with Lynette Susan Edie Gabby Gabrielle

Bree Van De Kamp cemetery mourning widow full body shot outfit black neck tie sweater pants flat shoes slippers loafers Rex's funeral burial angry Susan Gabby Gabrielle Edie broken leg pink cast Lynette Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 5

And here we finally get a really good closeup of Bree’s wedding band, diamond engagement ring, and I’m guessing she’s also wearing Rex’s wedding ring (I can’t tell for sure). Still not sure what brand that silver watch is. She’s been wearing it for ages. Chances are it’s just a cheap prop though; just like her rings.

Bree Van De Kamp closeup hands jewels jewelry jewellery rings wedding band Rex diamond engagement ring silver watch plain nails french manicure

Bree Van De Kamp full body shot whole entire outfit all black funeral cemetery neck tie sweater long sleeves pants loafers slippers flat shoes Rex funeral burial with Gabby Gabrielle Susan Lynette and Edie with a broken leg in pink cast - Desperate Housewives season 2 episode 5 fashion style clothes

lol @ Edie’s bright pink cast!

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