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Season 1 – Bree’s Argyle Sweaters

There’s something posh and timeless about argyle prints. A definite must have in any wardrobe! Here are all of Bree’s argyle sweaters from season 1. The first one was worn twice, in 2 different episodes. You can find them all here:

Season 1 – Bree’s Aprons

Bree Van De Kamp is a pro in the kitchen, so needless to say she owns a lot of aprons. Here’s her whole collection from season 1:

You can also view them all separately with additional pictures here:

Season 1 – Bree’s Cable Knit Sweaters

Before moving on to season 2, let’s have a look back at some of Bree’s most recurring clothes. We’ll start with her cable knit sweaters. Two round neck versions, and 3 v-necks. They can all be found here:

I’m pretty sure that the green and the white v-neck are exactly the same sweater, except in a different color. If anyone knows the brands, let me know!

Season 1 Episode 23 – Bree and Rex’s Framed Wedding Portrait

Aw, this is it! The end of Season 1!  Ending with a closeup shot of Bree and Rex’s framed wedding picture. It looks photoshopped to death, but oh well lol

Season 1 Episode 23 – Bree’s Green Outfit When Rex Has Died

Wearing the same green ribbed sweater and navy pants she wore at the hospital in the previous scene. But this time with an apron and no scarf. There’s also a shot the heels she’s wearing. I got some closeups of her apron, if anyone’s interested in the pattern.

It’s interesting to note that she is wearing her hair in a bun here – as she’s about to get a phone call from the hospital announcing that Rex has passed away – because she will be wearing her hair in a bun throughout many episodes in Season 2 while mourning Rex.

Season 1 Episode 23 – Bree At The Hospital In Green

Bree stays at Rex’s side. Wearing a ribbed green sweater and dark navy blue pants, as well as a green patterned silk scarf.

Sorry, this is the only clear shot I got of her pants!

Season 1 Episode 23 – Group Portrait With Mary-Alice

Here’s a clear shot of the framed group photo with Mary-Alice. Bree is wearing a green cardigan, and what looks like white pants at first glance, but I’m thinking they may actually be her trademark beige pants.

Season 1 Episode 22 and Episode 23 – Bree’s Frumpy Ensemble

This outift was used for both the final scene of episode 22 and the opening scene of episode 23, since it covers the whole Rex dying part.  Bree was an emotional wreck, so she had to look a little messier than usual, which is – I guess – part of the reason they opted for this ensemble that seems annoyingly prone to wrinkles and doesn’t fit her all that nicely around the bust.  It looks like a tie between blue and grey, but I’m going to assume it’s blue and tag it as such. The sleeves bother me as they’re not really full length, but seem a little longer than average three quarter sleeves. There’s also a giant tag sticking out in the back of her neck, as shown in the last picture below.

Here are the night shots of Episode 22:

And here are some clearer shots from Episode 23:

Okay, this REALLY bugged me … What is this giant tag sticking out in her back? Why was it not cut? It’s so big and obvious.

Season 1 Episode 22 – Bee’s Night Gown Is Back

We’ve seen this white and blue night gown before. The first time was in episode 2, the second time was in episode 10. I keep trying to get a clear shot, but well, it is at night …  Here when Rex is having a heart attack.

Season 1 Episode 22 – Bree Goes Grocery Shopping In Blue Button Up Shirt

So here’s Bree getting her groceries at the supermarket. I wish I lived in a place where coats were optional all year round. Wearing a blue button up shirt and her favorite khakis. This outfit is nothing to write home about lol

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