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Season 1 Episode 22 and Episode 23 – Bree’s Frumpy Ensemble

This outift was used for both the final scene of episode 22 and the opening scene of episode 23, since it covers the whole Rex dying part.  Bree was an emotional wreck, so she had to look a little messier than usual, which is – I guess – part of the reason they opted for this ensemble that seems annoyingly prone to wrinkles and doesn’t fit her all that nicely around the bust.  It looks like a tie between blue and grey, but I’m going to assume it’s blue and tag it as such. The sleeves bother me as they’re not really full length, but seem a little longer than average three quarter sleeves. There’s also a giant tag sticking out in the back of her neck, as shown in the last picture below.

Here are the night shots of Episode 22:

And here are some clearer shots from Episode 23:

Okay, this REALLY bugged me … What is this giant tag sticking out in her back? Why was it not cut? It’s so big and obvious.

Season 1 Episode 22 – Bee’s Night Gown Is Back

We’ve seen this white and blue night gown before. The first time was in episode 2, the second time was in episode 10. I keep trying to get a clear shot, but well, it is at night …  Here when Rex is having a heart attack.

Season 1 Episode 22 – Bree Goes Grocery Shopping In Blue Button Up Shirt

So here’s Bree getting her groceries at the supermarket. I wish I lived in a place where coats were optional all year round. Wearing a blue button up shirt and her favorite khakis. This outfit is nothing to write home about lol

Season 1 Episode 22 – One Of Bree’s Many Cable Knit Sweaters

Cable knit sweaters seem to be her favorite type of sweaters. This one is a fresh mint green shade with a V neck. Paired with a khaki / beige pencil skit.

Season 1 Episode 22 – Long Sleeved Yellow Cardigan And Brown Pants

We have only seen Bree wearing yellow a handful of times so far. It’s a shame, since yellow suits her well! Here is a long sleeved yellow cardigan paired with brown / beige pants (or classic khakis if you prefer).

Season 1 Episode 22 – Super Soft Looking Summer Outfit

This blue top looks soooo soft! Beautiful bow detail at the neckline. Worn with white cotton pants, which are pretty wide. And off white / cream colored shoes, from what I can tell.

Here playing minigolf with George the psycho.