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Season 1 Episode 20 – Not Your Typical Bree Van De Kamp Coat

This isn’t the type of jacket I would immediately associate with Bree if I saw it in the store. But it does look great on her and suits her perfectly. It’s a pale sage / green shade with a subtle leaf pattern. ¬†She is of course wearing her beige pants lol Sneaking off with George the loon.

Season 1 Episode 20 – The White Cable Knit Sweater

Is it an angel? No, it’s Bree! Looking angelical in this white v-neck cable knit sweater. I added the blurry shot of her when she enters the scene, as it shows the full outfit: beige pencil skirt, brown purse and brown heels.

Season 1 Episode 20 – Bree’s Lime Green Summer Dress

Considering the type of woman Bree Van De Kamp is, you’d think we’d see her in a dress every few days. Truth this, this is only her 6th dress so far! Click here to see them all.

The fabric almost looks like linen. It’s got a cute matching belt and ribbon details at the hips. We don’t get a shot of the length, but it’s safe to assume it comes right above the knees. And again, shame we don’t get to see the shoes!

Season 1 Episode 20 – Bree Goes To The Pharmacy In Orange

It’s a casual orange polo top for Bree, as she goes to have a talk with George at the Pharmacy. It’s not your average polo though, it has a v-neck cut and the collar buttoned steady. Simple and chic! Since this is a casual trip, she opted for he beloved beige trousers.

Season 1 Episode 20 – Blue Calble Knit Sweater With White Detailing

Here’s another cable knit sweater with three quarter sleeves and white detailing at the neckline and cuffs. Paired with gray pants.

Season 1 Episode 20 – The Yellow Daisy Dress

This look is such a winner! So pretty and eye catching. Totally daisy themed, even down to the brooch. I LOVE the cardigan, it’s so detailed. Even her purse has a matching yellow bow. Unfortunately they didn’t film her shoes.

I also love how she showed up all daisy themed at a flower fair. Now that takes guts lol