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Season 1 Episode 19 – Bree’s Formal Beige Church Ouftit

We’ve only seen one church outfit so far, which was just a very quick glimpse in episode 16. But this one is much nicer! It’s a jacket + skirt ensemble. The jacket has a bateau neckline and looks like a tweed type of fabric. I love how even the bible color matches the outfit lol  She’s carrying a very pretty purse we’ve never seen before. Too bad we can’t see the shoes!

Season 1 Episode 19 – One Of Bree’s Many Cable Knit Sweaters

I will make a compilation at the end of season 1 of all her cable knit sweaters lol  This one’s in a fresh green shade. No shot of the rest of her outfit, since she’s covered her legs with a blanket. But I think I caught a glimpse of her favorite beige pants.

Season 1 Episode 19 – Pretty In Blue Cardigan With Bow Details

Bree is hosting dinner and looks super pretty in a blue cardigan, with some sort of bows at the neckline. Even the bottles of water color match the outfit! Worn with a dark gray pencil skirt.

Season 1 Episode 19 – Wearing A Pink Trench Coat To Camp Hennessey

Back at Camp Hennessey, Bree shows up with a pale pink trench coat, nude heels, a beige pencil skirt, a light brown leather purse, and a silk scarf. I think this could be the same coat we briefly saw in episode 13.