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Season 1 – Bree’s Argyle Sweaters

There’s something posh and timeless about argyle prints. A definite must have in any wardrobe! Here are all of Bree’s argyle sweaters from season 1. The first one was worn twice, in 2 different episodes. You can find them all here:

Season 1 – Bree’s Aprons

Bree Van De Kamp is a pro in the kitchen, so needless to say she owns a lot of aprons. Here’s her whole collection from season 1:

You can also view them all separately with additional pictures here:

Season 1 – Bree’s Cable Knit Sweaters

Before moving on to season 2, let’s have a look back at some of Bree’s most recurring clothes. We’ll start with her cable knit sweaters. Two round neck versions, and 3 v-necks. They can all be found here:

I’m pretty sure that the green and the white v-neck are exactly the same sweater, except in a different color. If anyone knows the brands, let me know!